The minute I walked through the doors I felt welcome. Everyone has been really friendly and supportive. Ben is amazing, when you feel like you can’t go on he pushes you that little bit further in a supportive and encouraging way. After each session you walk away feeling like you have achieved the impossible. I have lost 8kgs in 11 weeks but that is nothing compared to the confidence I have gained!

Katrina Cohen

I can do proper pull ups with a proper Kip


It isn't just a gym. It's a community of like minded individuals all striving to become healthier! The atmosphere is amazing, the WODs are challenging and I've gone from barely lifting a 15 kilo bar above my head to lifting 40 kilos and still improving everyday! Best decision I've ever made!

Ferne Merrylees

Before joining, I was wasting money by paying for a gym that I wasn't going to. Now, I've found the most supportive atmosphere to train in. I've never felt better than whilst I've been training with Ben and all the crew, and the improvements keep coming.


Just a quick one to let you know I passed the testing. Had to so 3 squats with bar over head side on to camera 3 facing camera, 3 single legs squats on a box facing camera 3 side on to camera both legs. Then a walking lunge 5 each side. Finally max strength tests squat did 130kg x 5 (so max works to be about 145-150kg) and bench pull 80kg x 4 (so works out to be about 95kg). All was recorded so that I NSW Cricket fitness guy couldn’t put through false results. He was very happy it put me second in the NSW squad on both, our physio was over the moon at my squats, he kept telling me how all the work I had done had paid off and he gave you some very good praise. They are very happy with the work you have done with me and I have told them if any younger players up this way need someone good to train them, your the man. Thank you so much for the time and work you put in with me, results today showed me how much we had done and how far you had improved me.

Nathan Bracken - Australian Cricket Team

Ben Tily, well what can I say. One of the most decent and genuine human beings you could wish to meet. Ben is a very dedicated family man and also to all that he does. As a trainer, Ben gives all to his Clients. His patience and dedication is second to none. He expects effort and encourages the best from you. He also does not go beyond what he knows you can cope with. He also trains very hard himself, so knows what we go through and believe me he really works hard in his training.

William Robinson

While travelling overseas I slowly gained 15 kilos. When I arrived home my self confidence plummeted when I realised just how much weight I had gained. Nothing in my wardrobe fitted me anymore! I was at an all time personal low and had no idea what to do about my situation. I never needed to diet and I had never seen the inside of a gym before, but I knew if I wanted to fit into my favourite jeans again, something had to be done. At first I tried the easy way out, the shake diets, massive failure! I can’t diet to save myself, I needed a long term solution, not a quick fix so after 3 months of being home I decided to join my local gym and that’s where I meet Ben. With Ben’s personal training program I managed to lose 17 kilos, 10cm off my chest, 18cm from my waist and 10cm from my hips, a total of 38cm! Ben also taught me how to exercise, how to use the gym equipment properly, and the best way for me to lose weight with his individually structured programs. Ben’s given me a new outlook on life, he helped me regain my self confidence, but more importantly look amazing in my favourite jeans!

From Christian Ure

Ben is related to the Marquis de Sade...if you want a great workout, get busy and attend a class. This ain't your auntie's Zumba class...

Doug Boyd

Found my Niche, just Love this place

Lydia Jane

"Your workout is our warm-up" Love this gym

John Bredenkamp

So much painful fun. Amazing atmosphere and super friendly and encouraging people. Joining was the best decision I have ever made!

Rachel Brown

Awesome atmosphere with a serious training regime

Jason Cheal

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