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ben tily pics 2Ben Tily

You need only look at the before and after photos to see that Ben knows first hand what it’s like to be overweight and unhealthy and how to start and maintain the journey to personal evolution.

As Evolution Fitness Central Coast’s founder, director and personal trainer, Ben has clearly walked the talk. His personal experience (the good and the bad) and genuine care for every person that walks through the doors gives him a level of passion, empathy and understanding not often found in the traditional gym environment.

Ben’s experience and knowledge on how to train smarter is second to none. As a business owner, husband and father of three, Ben understands the pressures placed on families, especially the many parents who commute to Sydney or Newcastle for work. He knows firsthand how hard it can be to find time for yourself, let alone time to exercise. Over the years he has gradually refined his training sessions resulting in the revolutionary E30, an intensive 30-minute calorie-burning workout designed for people of all ages, shapes and sizes who are looking for premium results at a price point and duration that excludes no one.

With more than ten years in the fitness industry, Ben’s experience spans a broad range of fitness disciplines. He has worked (and continues to work) with elite athletes (including former Australian cricketer, Nathan Bracken), rehabilitation clients, grandparents, busy professionals, corporate groups and people of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. He is also renowned for training athletes in a variety of sports to regional, state and national levels.

“Doing what I love everyday is an absolute privilege. It is incredibly satisfying when I work with someone who has never seen themselves as an athlete or a ‘gym person’ start to make real changes. That could mean running anything from 400m to a marathon for the first time, performing a muscle up or achieving their first ever push up. Everyone’s goals are different and helping people succeed is an amazing way to spend my day.”

Not only will you see Ben teaching classes and running private training sessions, but you will also see him training alongside Evolution Fitness members with the same level of enthusiasm he has always had.

“Life is a gift, and I intend to enjoy every second, I want to inspire my members and the best way to do that is to live and breathe this lifestyle.”


AIF Master Level Trainer
CrossFit Level 2 Coach
Pendlay Olympic Weightlifting (Level 1 and 2)



Evolution Fitness is not a gym; Evolution Fitness is a place to change your body, your attitude, your lifestyle, your habits and your reality.  If you are tired of  almost getting in shape, then Evolution Fitness is the place for you.

We have no fashion shows, no contracts, no pressure, no egos and plenty of fun.

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