At Evolution Fitness we believe that just as no two people are the same, everyone’s personal fitness journey is unique. There are many factors to consider, including your baseline fitness level, your lifestyle and what you wish to achieve.

Whether your goals are to lose weight and tone up, build muscle definition, learn the art of weightlifting or train to competition level, we’ll help you get there.

FREE one-on-one assessment

Stage 1 of your personal evolution begins the moment you start your fitness journey with us. Your free one-on-one session is part of our incredible 2 weeks, no strings attached free membership offer. The session allows us to learn more about you and you to learn about the Evolution Fitness experience.

During the session, we will run you through our programs, show you through the gym, explain how the equipment and exercises work and start you on your path to health and fitness.

What are you waiting for? Book your FREE 2-week trial now.

Training to suit everybody and every budget

At Evolution Fitness Central Coast we understand that everyone’s needs, circumstances and goals are different. So we offer training options to suit everybody and every budget.

  • Personal Training – the ultimate training experience
  • Group Fitness – friends helping friends get fit
  • Weightlifting – learn weightlifting techniques from competitive weightlifter and Evolution coach, Nathan Anderson

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