Evolution Fitness - Central Coast NSW

Functional fitness training for transformational results

Fun, effective, results-based training is what you will experience at Evolution Fitness. Unique on the Central Coast, we are much more than just a gym or a place to work out. Evolution Fitness is a friendly, ego and judgment free functional fitness centre where the focus is fixed firmly on you, your needs and your goals.

No matter what your age, your current level of fitness, your size, your budget or how far you wish to take your fitness journey, we will tailor a program for you that you’ll want to commit to because of the transformational results it delivers and the fun you will have while training with us.

Our 6 week challenge is your chance to experience our unique way of training for yourself. The results you will achieve in just 6 weeks will astound you!

From one-on-one personal training and structured group fitness classes to doing your own thing under our professional guidance, weightlifting technique classes and corporate fitness sessions, you will find the motivation, personalised programs and pressure-free environment you’ve been looking for at Evolution Fitness Central Coast.

Conveniently located just off Manns Rd at West Gosford, Evolution Fitness Central Coast has the world-class functional fitness equipment, highly qualified, down-to-earth coaches, shower/change room facilities and crèche to support you on your fitness and weight-loss evolution.

If you are tired of almost getting in shape but never quite reaching your goal, Evolution Fitness is the place for you –no contracts, no judgment, no egos; just plenty of fun and jaw dropping results within a friendly supportive community.
What are you waiting for? If you are looking for results, you’ve found your new gym.

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304 Manns Rd,
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